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"Escape from Afronia" by Chris Statham gets my highest recommendation. I very much enjoyed the first book in the series, "Crying for Afronia," in which Statham created an incredibly nuanced society and political culture in the fictionalized country of Afronia, which parallels many real-life developing countries that suffer from corruption, extreme levels of inequality, and the looming threat of civil war. (A note: It will be of great benefit to you to read "Crying for Afronia" first!) I was thrilled to find "Escape from Afronia" to be an even more enriching and fulfilling novel. I loved the expansion of the constellation of characters and narratives in "Escape." I especially appreciated the inclusion of the narratives of a younger generation of Afronians, such as Adela and Elias. Related to Adela, one of my favorite aspects of the novel was the complexity of the female Afronian characters, especially because I take issue with the one-dimensional archetype of "strong" women of color often found in literature and film. I found Adela and Tigist's displays of strength and resolve to be fulfilling, but I also appreciated their moments of vulnerability and self-doubt. I am particularly hoping to see the evolution of Adela's character in the next chapter of the Afronia series."

(Courtney, US)


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