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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I have lived a life of breaking rules and not accepting norms… and I want my writing to be the same. I want to mix poetry and prose and through in some sketches and use paintings for front covers. This is who I am, who we all are, unique, each seeing the world through one set of eyes and interpretating the rollercoaster of life.

I like creativity, love it. It is an outlet for my MERAKI and this is what can differentiate us, differentiate me from the thousands, millions of other authors. I’m not a policeman, doctor or soldier (though was a weekend warrior for 18 months) and so I won’t write about those things as I don’t have the knowledge or experience to scribe with authority. But I do know what living on the African continent as a freelance consultant who has brought up a family there is all about. I do know the challenges with the fairer sex and alcohol that I have been through. I do know what it means to be pushed into a corner with seemingly no way out… but finding one through embracing my SISU. It this combination which is my IKIGAI, that makes me who I am and allows me to be creative and have the thoughts that I do. It is this use of creative forms together with mixing fiction to the facts of my life that define creativityxroads.

This is a poem on the same.

I’ve been around the world thrice,

married twice,

but only found a home once.

I’ve seen a man with 2 penises,

a crazzee cat saxophone man,

and a ladyboy with her man toy.

A man with charisma,

my best friend,

saved me from a beating;

my North Star

saved me from myself.

But what is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning to your life?

Is it the family that you’re born to,

kids that you procreate,

or friends that you meet?

Is it accumulating riches

or celebrating challenges overcome?

And what about the highs you were afraid to ascend

and lows that crippled you?

Is life more about being disappointed

than elevated,

or to search for hope,

faith and companionship?

As for me...

I’ve been a lover, a fighter

and a disgraceful motherfucker.

I’ve been there,

done that,

lived my life

and ain’t afraid to go back for seconds…

as anything worth doing,

is worth overdoing,

and restraint is for the sensible and cowards.

I’ve talked to friend, strangers, murderers, addicts and therapists.

I’ve had enough booze and pussy to last 10 lifetimes,

so many drugs,

I should have died a 100 times...

but they never bought me happiness.

All I know...

that as a child,

the world seems so big.

When a teen,

no one understands you.

Twenties and thirties,

you’ll conquer the globe.

At forty,

you finally understand that the world does not care,

but when fifty and sixty,

you grudgingly acknowledge the crushing disappointment and can be happy with what you’ve achieved against all the odds.

As you grow older,

the light fading,

accept death and be happy with those closest to you.

So, don’t be middle of the road and keep it conservative.

There is no such thing, as,

knowing your place in the world -

you are the master of your destiny and captain of your pirate ship.

Embrace change,



mistakes and failure;

go big or go home.

There isn’t anything you can’t do,

no mountain too high to climb,

sea too rough,

or muff too tough!

So always look forward not back.

Be positive not negative.

And if you’re in darkness,

find the light

through embracing your

sisu, ikigagi and meraki,

so that when you go to the grave,

you can happily say:

I’ve willingly shared my journey and

found happiness from others joining my rollercoaster and living my experience.

As a last thought… for now. If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. And if you don’t step forward, you will remain in the same place!

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