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  • Chris Statham

Temet nosce

The philosophical idea of “knowing oneself” has been with us for millennia. The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus, the philosopher Socrates and his pupil Plato, all grappled with the concept. The basic tenet is with us in today’s world and even into the future (as envisaged in The Matrix )

Knowing oneself is central to our being as without knowing ourself nor being true to ourself, then who are we? I have a tattoo on the same, this to remind myself that it is only I that knows my truth, and that I must live to it rather than be someone who I am not. The reason being, the key to finding a purpose and fulfillment in life begins with knowing and understanding oneself. We are each born with this knowledge but finding a purpose and achieving fulfillment requires the sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and support. Each individual contains specific truths that should be shared with those we meet through nothing less than fate. I have tried to capture this in my poem - Temet Nosce

Know oneself

Be yourself

Don’t be afraid of what others think of who

Or what you are

No one has your back but you

Everyone else has their own shit to deal with

To make it through the day

Enough to sort their own life

Their challenges

Their troubles

You are the last man in your garrison

Manning the barricades as the hordes advance

Surviving to the last bullet

Only you can know what is in your head and heart

It is your nature and nurture

Your life experience

And it will be your death

It will be your life that flashes though your mind

As you pass from this life to the other

It will be your reality

Your experiences

Your friends and enemies

Parents and children

It is only you that lives your life

So, fuck anyone who tries to control you

To circumnavigate and bastardise.

They know nothing of where you have come from or going to

They are part of your present

Maybe also your past

Maybe your future

But the now is the now

So live for it

Be yourself

Do the unexpected

Rejoice in the irrational

The dangerous

As you will not get another chance

When the pearly or fiery gates come into view

Think of what you have done

And who you did it with

Do not have regrets

Accept mistakes and fuck ups

This is the only way to be

To live

To love life as much as you should love yourself

Be with those who understand you

Respect you

Love you

and you them,

along for the ride…

but remember,

your life is your adventure

as much as their have their own

they just one part of it

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