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  • Chris Statham


Just got the painting for my next book, Developing Afronia, the fifth volume.

The painting is one of hope. Afronia is personified by one of her citizens about to walk up a set of stairs that is constructed of the skulls and bones of fallen patriots (this representing a violent past) to a bright new future. The nameless person is dressed in the colours of the Afronian flag, yellow representing the sun and justice; red meaning courage, revolution and spilt blood; green symbolizing agriculture and fertility; and blue representing freedom, perseverance, prosperity and the ocean. The symbol (in the middle) is of Umoja (international unity) and white is the colour of peace and purity. Ascending to the hopeful future will not be without troubles as encircling Afronia are hyenas, scavengers, individuals, governments and foreign business leaders who want to feast on a wounded Afronia and gorge on her natural resources.

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