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  • Chris Statham

Life sucks when you’re robbed

Over the years I’ve had a few phones stolen, this often after I’ve had a drink or two - and which will be a topic for another blog - and while this is very annoying it is nothing compared to what I felt on Friday night. My car had been broken into and my work bag was stolen. My laptop (and accompanying paraphernalia), bank cards, driving license, etc. were taken. I was apocalyptic. On Saturday I went back to the scene of the crime and found it had all been recorded on CCTV… and the thief caught. We will now see if the Malawian Police Service will be able to track down the accomplice and recover my items; I’m not overly optimistic.

Being robbed is one of the less pleasant aspects of life’s so-called, tapestry, but is nevertheless part of the human experience. I’m sure you have been robbed a few times, I certainly have and will no doubt be again in the future… what a joy to look forward to! However, as with many things on the rollercoaster of life, if there is a way to get something positive out of a negative, then it should be searched for. In that regard, here is some creativity, a poem about car theft, this appearing in 7 Days in 1 Week.

It’s dark, but I keep to the shadows.

There’s no need to hide,

I have nothing to fear.

My eyes adjust to the dark;

I’m on the lookout

for my next opportunity.

I see an opening,

a window not fully wound up,

the vehicle just one in a long line.

I retreat further into the shadows,

I look up and down the street,

I bide my time.

Ten minutes, the driver doesn’t return,

no one comes back for a forgotten phone

or misplaced wallet.

I walk towards the car as if I’m the owner.

I take out my tools . . .

thirty seconds later, I’m in.

I crouch in the foot well,

hold my breath,

keep silent as my heart pounds my chest.

I’m buzzing,

adrenalin like acid

flowing through my veins.

I check the glove box, nothing.

I slide my hand under the seats,

fingers touch the familiar shape of a phone.

My work done,

I check front then back;

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